The getta story

The dream started back in 2008 with a backpack and a round-the-world ticket. Travelling USA from coast to coast although the deep south in a motor home was set to be just the beginning for Brent and Amy Poulter. 

With origins entrenched firmly in the Australian country and growing up surrounded by fresh, quality food options, Brent and Amy were familiar with good food and great customer service. Over time, they also recognised that both were diminishing and that sadly, average was the new norm.

The pair set out on a mission for change.


Relying only on passion and hard work they started the food truck “That BBQ Joint” in 2013. This introduction into the food business gained customer support, recognition and trust. They became known for exceptional quality and great tasting food as well as their high level of customer service. On August 1st 2014, Getta Burger was born in a small store in Carina, Queensland, this small store was ultimately the foundation to scale Getta Burger and share the experience.

Why are the burgers so good?


Its all about the product! Right back from the start when Brent and Amy were operating the single store at Carina, the product always was made priority. No neon lights or expensive marketing campaigns, just good food and word of mouth. 

This theory was a contributing factor to Getta Burger’s success, as each store opened they needed to make more and more product.

This model is still the same today except Getta Burger has its very own production facility where tonnes and tonnes of patties, brisket and pulled pork are produced weekly.

Our beef patties are made from 100% rump with no fillers or preservatives and are cooked fresh. All the smoking is taken care of in house too, brisket and pork are smoked for long periods of time to ensure a tender eating experience.

What else do you make?


“That BBQ Sauce” is our famous house-made BBQ sauce, the recipe is closely guarded by the founders Brent and Amy and still to this day they are the only two people that have the recipe.

“Tom’s Tomato Relish” is a family recipe passed down from Brent’s dad, Tom. Both the sauce and the relish continue to be made in house and are now available in retail take-home packs right across Queensland.

Hang on, you make 2 sizes of burger?

Yes, that’s right we offer two sizes of burgers. Our Big One is what we are famous for, huge burgers full of high quality ingredients. We understand you do not want the Big One all the time but still want the same burger experience, so we have the Regular burger.

Both the Regular and Big One are built using the same ingredients and quality, its up to you how hungry you are.

Is the vegetarian really vegetarian?

Yeah, our vegetarian and vegan burgers are prepared in the same kitchen as all the other products, but the meat and vegetarian products are cooked using separate equipment so we hold our hand on our heart and say we offer a true vegetarian product. 

What's the gluten friendly story?

At Getta Burger, all our burgers are gluten friendly when made on our gluten free bun, except for the burgers with coleslaw or ranch sauce. We even have separate toasters for our gluten free buns. 

Our fries are gluten free but cooked in oil that is also used to cook other items which contain gluten (eg. onion rings). Our filthy fries are even gluten friendly without ranch. 

Whilst we can take extra care in preparing your meal we cannot guarantee a 100% Gluten Free final product due to the risk of cross-contamination therefore we do not recommend our products for coeliac.